About us

In the heart of Roma Nord, for more then 30 years, we select and work fabrics and materials for interior design.

We are a passionate and enthusiastic Roman family that has never stopped researching the evolution of the main material, from the most traditional to the newest generation.

We craft curtains, sofas, beds and complete interior designs for large corporate accounts to never too small private customers.

Our work excells in hotels, embassys, private residences, public offices and professional studies with national and international presence.

From us, for ever, the story of a family, the italian handicraft history.

Our team

Our Show Room

We have a large display of fabrics coming from the entire world, wall paper, carpets, fitted carpets and parquet.

We provide a lovely space reserved for meetings, presentations and projects with architects, interior designers and their clients.

Artisans’ Team

Our artisans craft, according to tradition, furnishings and upholstered pieces.

Our staff of upholsterers, tailors and expert carpenters create unique pieces to translate our clients’ dreams and desires into reality.